Skubick: Engler and Nessel standoff continues


The legal standoff between former MSU interim president John Engler and state attorney general Dana Nessel shows no signs of being resolved.  

84 days and counting.  On February 21,  the state attorney general said she wanted to interview former MSU president John Engler concerning the Larry Nassar investigation.

She’s still waiting.

“We have not made any progress on that,” says Nessel.

The former governor, of course, was not on campus when the Nassar story broke.

But Ms. Nessel wants to find out what he knew after he was appointed interim president.

The two sides have been going back and forth as he was willing to be interviewed in Sashington D.C. but she refused because she has no authority there to prosecute him if he did not tell the truth.

She asked the MSU Board of Trustees to ask him to cooperate but still no deal.

“We don’t subscribe in regards to forum shopping,” insists the attorney general. “It was part of his contract. I would ask the same thing. I’m hopeful still that we’ll be able to come to a resolution that he will come here, sit down and talk to our investigators.”

In a March 19 letter from his attorney, Seth Waxman, he wrote, “ethical standards and objectivity required to the conduct of an investigation are inapplicable to your approach…I have advised Mr. Engler to decline to participate..”

Senator Curtis Hertel Jr. of East Lansing disagrees.

“I think he should cooperate,” says the senator. “There’s never any excuse for not talking to law enforcement when they ask.”

At this read, the standoff score is Mr. Engler one,  Ms. Nessel nothing.

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