Skubick: Flint accounting fees could cost taxpayers $500K+


Michigan taxpayers are paying for private sector accountants to go into the city of Flint to monitor state spending there.

It could cost you upwards of half a million dollars.

All this is developing even as the Flint water crisis continue to make the national news.

The state and federal governments have pumped a combined $177 million into the replacement of lead pipes in Flint and this is on top of millions of other dollars sent to the beleaguered city over the years.

The legislature has ordered the Whitmer administration to keep a close eye on how the money is spent to make sure it is not wasted.

The state budget directors office has been notified that there has been a “significant turnover” in the Flint accounting office and a “loss of institutional memory.”

So the state is hiring a private accounting firm to send into the city financial office to monitor the state funds.  That could cost upwards of $500,000 if a state agency okays the spending next week.

Politicians running for office during the last election, especially on the Democratic side, made Flint a mandatory stopover.

The strategy continues with the latest candidate running for president, Tom Steyer, references the Flint water crisis as part of his pitch to save the democracy.

And in the nation’s capitol, Flint’s children became part of the debate the other day.

In a committee hearing the issue was environmental injustice and a congresswoman from New York used Flint as Exhibit A.

“These kids, their blood is high in lead levels. they are damaged for the rest of their lives,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York.

And back home the clock is ticking on the re-booted state attorney general’s investigation into who may have broken the law.

The statute of limitations will run out this year on possible suspects inside and outside of government in the Flint water crisis.

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