Skubick: Gov. Whitmer catches heat from former supporters over no-fault


Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is getting a major push back from two groups that supported her for governor but are none to happy that she signed the no-fault car insurance law last week.  

The two groups are using some harsh rhetoric aimed at the governor.

A bi-partisan joy was in the breeze on Mackinac Island last Thursday as the governor signed the no-fault legislation.

But back on the mainland a storm was brewing.

The Michigan Trial Lawyers dumped almost $80,000 into Ms. Whitmer’s campaign and the leadership is upset, using such words as “palpable outrage at your decision”,  “deep disappointment” and “the bill is destructive.”

Over at the Michigan Brain Injury Association, CEO Tom Constand says he felt betrayed by the governor’s actions and both groups are threatening to do something about this.

The trial lawyers, in a letter to the governor, promise legal action that could find its way to the state’s highest court.

The governor and others conceded that the new law is a “good first step’ and no law is ever perfect and more work may be needed.

But a coalition known as CPAN of doctors, home care providers and others will huddle this week to consider other options.

Those options could  include a position petition drive to block the law from taking effect and then referring it to the citizens to decide.

Mr. Constand says that decision, one way or the other, won’t be made until they finish reading the law.

“We have no made any decisions and on a possible petition drive, that is a hypothetical,” explained Constand. “We need to find out what all is in the law and once we figure that out, we can make a decision.”

He adds a petition drive is being considered.

The governor has taken no-fault off her to-do list and wants to move rapidly to fix the roads.

But two of her major supporters are not on the same page and may haul her into court to fix no-fault instead.

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