Skubick: Gov. Whitmer makes move to avoid future health crisis


Job One on Day One of her first full day in office had Gov. Gretchen Whitmer taking preventive measures to avoid any future public health crisis.  

It took over a year for the former governor to find out about a Legionnaires’ death problem in Flint.

Former Gov. Rick Snyder’s public health director waited to tell the governor, which is why new Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed an executive order to make sure future bottlenecks of information are free flowing.

“There are a couple of mechanisms in this document to avoid a bottleneck in government,” said Gov. Whitmer.

The Flint water crisis was a mistake that the new governor wants to avoid by ordering her employees and department heads to report any imminent public health threats.

“We will listen to our public employees to avoid egos and other agendas don’t get in the way of our top priority, which is to make sure we are doing our jobs to protect the people.”

At today’s news conference she spoke with some DEQ employees behind her. It was that department that was embroiled in the Flint crisis and some employees have told the new governor “and a lot of the information we got back shows a severe morale [problem in need of us to address. Which is why this order is so important.”

Avoid the mistakes of the past. Job One for the new governor.  

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