Skubick: Gov. Whitmer says there are likely 1,000s of COVID-19 cases in state


Governor Gretchen Whitmer is telling 6 News that she believes there are thousands of coronavirus cases in the state, although the confirmed cases stand at 110.  

In the video above, the governor talked one on one with 6 News Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick on the developing stories surrounding this pandemic, including a political shot from the state Republican party chair.

“There will be deaths in Michigan,” said the governor.

Ironically, about two hours before the first virus death was announced, the governor knew it was inevitable as she marshal her effort so keep that death toll as low as possible.

And on that front, to protect the thousands of autoworkers, is obviously all in on the decision to halt the assembly lines for two weeks.

“We are in continuing conversations with the Big Three and the UAW,” explained Whitmer. “The objective is to protect auto workers and our economy and do what is available.”

The media basically missed the comments of the state’s chief medical officer who said earlier this week “There is no question. there are thousands of those who have the virus in our state.”

The governor has never commented on that but she tells 6 News if her chief medical officer said it, the governor believes it.

Gov. Whitmer: “I absolutely believe her.”

Skubick: “If there are thousands of cases out there, then the numbers we have been taking about are an underestimate..and we will get into the thousands?”

Gov. Whitmer: “Tim, I’m not going to predict the number.”

On the political front, on various national networks the governor has criticized President Trump for not being on top of this virus from the get-go.

The state Republican party chair Laura Cox accused the governor of not concentrating on her duties as governor in favor of using the national media to audition for vice president with Joe Biden.

“Let’s take the politics out of this, I’m tired of everyone trying to politicize this,” explained the governor. “Calling this a hoax and half-truth has only endangered the American public and us.

Chairwoman Cox says the governor should set aside her partisanship and “focus on the task at hand.”  

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