One of the key unresolved issues in the no-fault car insurance debate is whether Michigan drivers should have a choice to end their Unlimited Catastrophic Insurance for lower coverage.  

Candidate Gretchen Whitmer never took a stance on that and Governor Gretchen Whitmer is not taking a position now.

By far it was the biggest bi-partisan applause line during the State of the State as she sought input on “bringing down car insurance rates. (applause)”

One of the central issues in bringing down rates is whether motorists can purchase cheaper catastrophic insurance.

Under current law, unlimited insurance is mandated for everyone.

The Detroit mayor wants choice for drivers not a mandate and the two Republican legislative leaders agree, as a candidate, Gretchen Whitmer never took a stance on choice.

And now, as governor, she is not ready to take stance now.

Gov. Whitmer: “I’m not going to weight in on that right now.

Skubick: “Eventually, don’t you have to?”

Gov. Whitmer: “It’s premature.”

The lead Republican senator on no-fault reform believes the governor is working on cost containment, but at some point.. “I would like her to come and make a decision on what it is that she wants to see and help us get there,”  said Sen. Lana Theis.

Republican House member Rep. Joe Bellino wants to hear the governor’s stance. “I’d love to. She gave us 18 seconds in the State of the State and that’s all we got.”

Rep. Bellino says he has no idea why the governor has offered no stance.

She has not given a reason for not taking a position.

Maybe she doesn’t want to offend Detroit Mayor Duggan by opposing choice or maybe she wants to pass her budget before she dives in the no-fault quagmire. 

Clearly she’s not ready to go there.

Skubick: “Is it a top priiority?”

Gov. Whitmer: “Actually, the budget is front burner.”