LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Instead of announcing the re-opening of gyms, bowling alleys, and movie theaters today the governor told those patrons and businesses to stay tuned.

The expectation  was that the governor was ready to reopen gyms, bowling alleys, movie theaters and other businesses that have been shuttered for almost six months.

There was the thought she might say something about allowing fall sports, but turns out the governor made it clear she was not ready to do that today but a decision was coming.

“We take this seriously and the decisions I will be making in the coming days will be made in a way that will be for officials, coaches, families, parents and our small business owners as well,” said Governor Gretchen Whitmer. “I will have more to say on this topic very soon so stay tuned.”

On the fitness center front, the governor is concerned that heavy breathing in gyms will spread the virus.

“So when someone is breathing in a closed space and is close to other people that’s the condition where you see covid spread and that’s why we’re being so thoughtful about this and we will address this at the appropriate time,” added Whitmer.

The gym owners believe the governor is wrong.

“There is no scientific evidence that simply breathing heavily that you run the risk that the aeration the virus is out there like when you sneeze or cough,” said Bryan Reif, CEO of Michigan Planet Fitness.

Was there another reason why the governor did not make the decision that lots of folks thought she would today?

“Were there concerns that if you had made the announcement that gyms were reopening that it would look like you were pressured?”

“No to your first question,” responded the Governor.

Will she open gyms and other facilities and provide a way for fall sports, to repeat the governors words, stay tuned.