Skubick: House taps brakes on sexual abuse prevention bill package


The Michigan Senate moved quickly to pass legislation to prevent another Larry Nassar sexual abuse problem.

But now there are indications the Michigan House is slowing down the debate.
When asked if the House should pass the same package of bills as the Senate, Rep. Joseph Graves suggested moving carefully. 

“I think we need to slow down and talk about it. I think in the Senate it was rushed through.”

The Senate did adopt the 10 bill Nassar legislation without extensive hearings, according to the House committee chair who promises more hearings.

“They had a quick hearing and they pushed it out in an hour,” said Rep. Klint Kesto. “We have to be deliberative.”

Part of the reason Mr. Kesto wants to slow this down?

“There are folks who will testify in other states when they did this stuff it backfired. I don’t know if that’s true or not but we’re going to hear it.”

MSU interim president John Engler, the Michigan Catholic Conference, the Chamber of Commerce and the ACLU are among those who don’t like some provisions in the package.

Rep. Graves, a Republican on the House Committee, is concerned with a person at age 48 bringing sexual abuse charges that allegedly happened at age 13.

“If you go to age 13 and you’re 48, a lot of years ago, was somebody influencing you to say this really happened to you?”, askedthe lawmaker. “If you show me real data that’s happening, this does happen at age 48, then I’m OK with that but show me.”

Rep. Kesto is also concerned that imposing tough mandatory reporting procedures may scare some supervisors into not reporting sexual abuse.

“What the chilling effect does, you report it yourself cause I don’t want to be on the hook,” said Rep. Kesto.

The House committee takes this up next week.


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