Skubick: How Whitmer could get road funding votes


This is Day Two of Governor Gretchen Whitmer trying to work a deal to pass a 45-cents-a-gallon gas tax increase to fix the roads.

Here’s how she might get the votes to do it. 

The pushback was loud and clear that many drivers don’t like paying a 71-cents gas tax at the pump.

But what if the governor and lawmakers offered some rate relief on no-fault car insurance, producing a possible net savings for weary motorists?

“If we could figure out a way to lower car insurance rates and fix the roads at the same time, thats a win win for everyone,” said Rep. Leslie Love. “I like that idea alot.”

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has not, repeat, has not endorsed linking the gas tax hike to no-fault reform, but when asked about linkeage, she said, “this is Day One but there are always talks that go on on this issue or that and thats part of the process. we’ll see.”

The Senate Republican leader has not endorsed the gas tax hike saying he wants to deal with no-fault care insurance first.

Senate Democratic leader Jim Ananich thinks linking that to the governor’s gas tax “I think getting it all done at the same time makes a lot of sense.”

The governor has picked up the support of conservative groups including the Michigan Chamber of Commerce for her gas tax plan.

“I’m encouraged by some of the groups that have come out including conservative minded people,” said the governor.

Senate Republican leader Mike Shirkey says he does not want to link no-fault to the budget..”it is a stand aloine issue”.

But then later he conceded the two issues might be discussed together.

“If it gets done with the budget, fine, but it’s not part of the budget. That doesn’t mean it can’t be,” adds Sen. Shirkey.

But will there be linkage.

Nobody has tried that yet.

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