Skubick: Lawmakers claim budget deal is near, but governor needs to make a move


Inside sources are telling 6 News Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick there could be a breakthrough on the budget impasse.

But the ball is in the governor’s court.

Last night Senate Republican leader Mike Shirkey warned that the governor had to agree to a law that would limit her unilateral budget writing power.

And if she didn’t…”there is no deal, that’s right.”

After that interview the governor told Mr. Shirkey she would not write that into law.

But then, another possible compromise started to emerge.

Republican House Speaker Lee Chatfield has said he’s open to negotiating this issue and the governor is trying to decide if she will sign off on a plan that would put the Republican restrictions on her into law.

But it would not last forever but would have an expiration date..a sunset if you will.,

“That was discussed back and forth,” said Rep. Jason Sheppard. “I think lots of options are on the table but it has to be done by law.”

Skubick: “If she agreed to the sunshine would you go along?”

Rep. Sheppard: “If she were to do that that’s something they would discuss it.”

Insiders report some of the advisors want her to do the sunset while others tell not to do it.

House Democratic leader Christine Greig can’t confirm that.

Skubick: “Have you heard that she is wavering?”

Rep. Greig: “I have not but we need to get everyone at the table and work this out for the people of Michigan.”

The House committee send to the floor legislation that could resolve this impasse but is clear the Republicans won’t take a hand shake from the governor that she won’t rearrange the budget again without them.

Skubick: “The governor has said “I’ll do it. Trust me.””

Rep. Shane Hernandez: “I appreciate her willingness to talk but a hand shake doesn’t make it legal or enforceable.”

Skubick: “Are you willing to consider a sunset?”

Rep. Hernandez: “All the options are on the table but we do want a legislative change.”

Everyone awaits word on how the tug of war in the governor’s inner circle turns out.

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