Skubick: Lawmakers eye plan to raise road money without raising taxes


Ingham and other neighboring counties could get a windfall of new road fix dollars under a plan being pushed in the new legislative year without having to raise the gas tax.  

It’s being pushed by a Republican senator and it has strong Democratic support.

On your birthday every year you shell out a registration fee to the Secretary of State for your license plate tab.

Then the state sends that money into state coffers.

Republican Senator Peter Lucido argues he has a better idea: let the counties keep the registration fees.

“Keep the registration fees in the counties where they are collected,” explains Sen. Lucido. “The money goes directly to the counties and it empowers them to fix the roads.”

Before this broadcast, the senator showed reporters a text message from this senator.

Democrat Senator Curtis Hertel Jr pledged all 16 Democrat votes for this proposal which means the senator needs only three Republican votes to pass this in the Michigan Senate.

Sen. Lucido: “I already have 16 Democratic votes from Curtis Hertel.”

Skubick: “Do you have three Republican votes to go with the 16?”

Sen. Lucido: “Yes, I do.”

Mr. Lucido might have enough votes to keep the road dollars local, but until, and unless, he gets the support of the Senate Republican leader Mike Shirkey, the plan will go nowhere.

Skubick: “If Mr. Shirkey tried to stop this you’ll call him out?”

Sen. Lucido: “I gotta do what I gotta do for my people that I serve.”

Skubick: “Are you ready to take on the Republican leader on this?”

Sen. Lucido: “I have to take my votes by way of getting my votes and I will not sacrifice what I came to Lansing to do.  Do a job and not getting a job.”

Lucido and Shirkey are set to meet on Tuesday and the fate of this local road money plan could be decided then.  

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