Skubick: Lawmakers OK budget, hit campaign trail

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) - After today Michigan lawmakers are heading out to the campaign trail and taking with them a new state budget that includes some increases for schools, roads and the State Police.  

Gov. Rick Snyder presented his new state budget on February 8th and 125 days later, lawmakers have decided where to spend over $55 billion of your tax dollars, making it eight years in a row the budget has been finished before the October 1st deadline.

The state will spend just over $7,800 on every school kid with a 4.6 percent increase but there is still gap between the rich and poorer districts.

"$7,800 is a small fee to me," said Rep. Bob Kosowski. "You have some getting $13,000."

Lawmakers voted an extra $425 million for road repairs but Democrats are still complaining.

"$500 million is pretty good but its not enough," said Rep. Fred Durhal, Jr.

Taxpapers will pay for 155 new state troopers.

Higher education is getting a 2 percent boost in state support which restores the 15 percent cut they took when the governor was elected, with the exception of Wayne State.

State aid to the cities is up $5.8 million.

The "Pure Michigan" ad campaign gets a $36 million bump.

The budget had strong bi-partisan support but not everyone was happy.

The Flint protestors feel the legislature has forgotten about them.

"We're telling all our constituents around the country everything is not okay," said Rev. Dr. Herbert Miller II. "As a matter of fact, we feel like we're back at the beginning of the crisis all over again."

The governor is pleased that there's now $1 billion in the state's "Rainy Day" fund.

It was $200 million when he was elected.

With the budget assignment finished, for the next 84 days they'll be on the campaign trail trying to finish assignment number two: getting re-elected.

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