LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Despite Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s constant plea to mask-up, when the state legislature comes back to town this week, a majority of the Republicans in the Michigan House may continue to ignore her plea.  

Don’t you wish you had a dollar for every time you heard the governor say this:

“So please mask up”, says Gov. Whitmer.

But the last time the Michigan House was in session, out of the 109 members, the vast majority of Democrats wore masks but only five Republicans followed the governor’s request.

The House Republican Speaker confesses when he is out in public he does mask up.

“I choose to wear a mask when I’m in an indoor public space the vast majority of the time,” insists Speaker Lee Chatfield. “Because I don’t want to offend people who are around me and I do believe it could actually reduce the rate that the virus could be transferred.”

While the governor may be pleased to hear that she won’t be overjoyed to hear this.

“The masks are not going to save anyone,” claims Rep. Beau LaFave. “The masks aren’t going to save anybody. It doesn’t make much sense.”

The conservative Upper Peninsula Republican believes, at his age of 28, “I’m less likely to die if I get COVID-19 than the flu. I can’t get this virus and I’ll be OK.”

But Rep. LaFave is staying away from his older parents and grandparents and he says he is trying to stay away from older members of the House when he is on the floor.

He has worn a camouflage mask around the Capitol but he believes “the real problem these masks give a false sense of security. This is not good for those who are older. If masks are so great why did it take the governor four months to order them?”

So the chances of the governor converting Mr. LaFave look like slim and none.