Skubick: Libertarian Party ticket set for gubernatorial run


The two major political parties have running mates in place for their candidates for governor and now the Libertarian Party is doing the same thing.

The Libertarian Party ticket is set with candidate for governor  Bill Gelineau and his running mate Angelique Thomas, a business woman from Oakland County.

They were posing for campaign pictures in front of the Capitol today and lamenting the fact that the mainstream media is not paying much attention to them.

“I think the presumption is we can’t win because were not a viable option and the likelihood of winning is so low there is no reason to offer up media time,” said Thomas. “We don’t believe that’s true.
How do you know we cant win if you haven’t allowed us a free voice at the table?”

Ms. Thomas confesses she was once a Republican but became disenchanted with the party focus.

“The focus is on voting to take the other side down instead of keeping your eye on the ball and doing civil service work.”

She does not want to bash the other candidates running for governor  but argues the Libertarian Party combines all the good elements of both parties.

On the issues she is for legalization of pot, she opposes the death penalty because it is not applied equally to all persons and she personally would not have an abortion but is pro-choice.

She had to think about this next question.

Reporter: “Will you sign the no tax pledge promising never to raise taxes?”

Thomas: (pause)”I’m a lawyer so I’d have to look at what I’m signing.”

Reporter: “It’s very simple. If elected do you promise not to raise taxes?”

Thomas: “I promise if elected not to raise taxes.”

Fighting for media attention, with a budget of about $100,000 and an uphill climb, has does this ticket win?

“You’ve got Facebook, and Twitter and an awful lot of young people who get their info in a variety of ways,” explained Gelineau. “So we’re taking some bits of information and trying to deliver it to thousands and thousands of voters.”

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