Skubick: Longshot candidates stay on the campaign trail


One of the mystery of politics is why candidates who have little chance of winning continue to run even though the odds are against it.  

There are two examples of that here in Michigan.

If you were to see a photo of candidate for governor Bill Gelineau, would you be able to put a name to it?

How about if you saw a photo of candidate Jim Hines?

Chances as are you’ve never heard of Bill Gelineau, a Libertarian running for governor and Dr. Jim Hines who is dead last in the Republican primary for governor.

Despite the odds both are gutting it out against the odds of winning.

Reporter: “The chance of you winning?”

Gelineau: “Well, it’s a lot of work. You never say never.”

Reporter: “In your heart can you really win this thing?”

Hines: “I really do.”

Perhaps the two draw some of their optimistic from a complete political unknown that citizens referred to as “Rick who?”.  Well, Rick Who did become Rick Snyder, Governor.

“I’m the outsider. I don’t mind being the outsider,” insists Dr. Hines. “We’ve been on TV for two weeks and people really are looking and learning and are interested in an outsider and what they bring to the table.”

What Mr. Snyder brought to the table was six million dollars of his own money to gain name recognition.

Mr. Gelineau doesn’t have that kind of cash yet he trudges along best he can.

And while the major party candidates got on the stage at a recent candidate forum Mr. Gelineau was thankful just to be introduced to the 500 small businesses.

But he did not address the audience.

“You just never know,” said Gelineau. “Yeah, I think we’re going to do really well.”

So what’s wrong with the rest? Gelineau says “the lack of compromise.”

One of the interesting elements in dealing with no career politicians; they sometimes surprise you with their answers.

Here, Dr. Hines gives two different answers to this question.

Reporter: “Is Bill Schuette pandering for votes?”

Hines: “Well, I would guess so, yes.”

Reporter: “How do you know?”

Hines: “l, well, you know, I don’t know.”

There you go. Take your pick.  

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