Skubick: Michigan Lt. Gov. says state is ready to elect gay president


Michigan’s acting governor, who was the first African-American lieutenant governor to sign a bill into law Thursday, sat down with 6 News Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick and took a deep dive into the Democratic race for president, including his  opinion that Michigan is ready to elect a gay president.

Garlin Gilchrist II, with his proud family looking on, signed this legislation making him the first African-American lieutenant governor to do that.

Prior to the ceremony, he waded into the Democratic race for president.

He likes the diversity in the field.

Gilchrist said, “I think the country is ready to elect a different type of person who has never been elected before.”

And that could be a women, a Latino, or a gay man.

Democrat Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, would make his own history if he became president. But is Michigan ready for that?

“We’re ready to elect a women president, a gay president and a black president again or a Latino,” insists Gilchrist. “We’re ready to elect the person who has the best ideas, who speaks to the values of the people.” 

In last night’s debate, Mr. Buttigieg addressed what the polling data tells him: that some African-American voters have a problem with his candidacy.

Gilchrist explains, “I don’t think there is any sort of difference in how black folk are treating people. There are gay people in every community. There are gay members of my own family who go to the church all over the state and Detroit.”

The lieutenant governor, however, is not ready to endorse. He may be new to the political game but he has learned one skill: if you don’t want to answer a reporter’s question, you don’t have to.

Witness this humorous exchange:

Skubick: “So if you endorsed, would it be wrong?”

Gilchrist: “No.”

Skubick: “Why not do it?”

Gilchrist: “Because I don’t have to.”

Skubick: “What would you say if I said you had to?”

Gilchrist: (laughter) I wouldn’t buy it if you said I had to.”

Game, set and match in favor of the acting governor.  

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