Skubick: Michigan pollsters say there are three “X” factors in the unfolding race for governor


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– Two of Michigan’s top pollsters say there are three “X” factors in the unfolding race for governor and the factors do not have to do with the candidates themselves.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer and her GOP opponent next year are facing three “X” factors they can’t control.

Noted pollsters Bernie Porn and Steve Mitchel believe Michigan voters will judge Gov. Whitmer on the way she handled the COVID-19 pandemic virus.

“Had Donald Trump been elected, she’d be crusing into reelection but it’s not,” Mitchel said. “This is Joe Biden and that is going to make it very difficult for her to gain reelection. it doesn’t mean she can’t, but it’s a high hurdle to overcome.”

The pollsters say the Governor may not want to get too close to the President if his approval numbers remain in the tank.

“If the president doesn’t turn his popularity around,” Porn said, “If he is unable to do that democrats will be in trouble.”

Mr. Porn says the Republican candidate for Governor will have his or her own problem with Mr. Trump as the democrats will try to make him the main issue.

“They should. If they don’t they would be crazy,” Porn said, “I think they need to do that. 75% of the republicans love Trump but he is a killer when it comes to independent voters and it certainly has to turn out Democrats.”

“Every Democrat up and down the ticket is going to try to make Donald Trump the issue,” Mitchel stated, “Saying those Republicans are Trump-Republicans and as a result, you should vote for Gretchen Whitmer because she is not Donald Trump.”

A question 6 News Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick asked the pollsters was: “Will voters reject Republicans who oppose vaccines?” They responded with similar answers.

“It could cost them votes because at some point somebody might want to point out that some Republicans,” Porn said, “Like Florida Gov. Desantas are causing deaths.”

“Bernie and I don’t always agree,” Mitchel stated, “I respect him but I just think it is still too early to make a determination of how COVID is going to impact.”

Neither of these pollsters is predicting a runaway election for either side.

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