Skubick: Michigan’s First Gentleman eases into the spotlight


Chances are if the state’s new First Gentleman walked into your home, you’d have no idea who he was.

And as Gov. Gretchen Whitmer tells 6 News, her husband is more than content to leave her in the spo light while he does his density thing off center stage.  

When former governor Jennifer Granholm was sworn in, the joke in town what that the new first gentleman, Dan Mulhern standing next to her, wanted to place his hand on the Bible, too.

To put it mildly, he was a very close advisor to his wife the governor and was often the last person she talked to before making big decisions.

To put it mildly, the tall gentleman standing next to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is no Dan Mulhern and has no desire to be.

Say hello, probably for the first time, to Dr. Marc Mallory, whose interest in his wife’s work is, well, let him explain it.

“She’s got her realm and I’ve got mine. She’s so smart, she doesn’t need any advice from me and I don’t have any to offer,” explains Dr. Mallory.

In fact, if it were not for the radio, he might know anything that she is doing.

“I listen to NRP on the way into work with little synopsis and NPR on the way back and that’s good enough for me. (laughter)”

Skubick: “So you aren’t running home and saying, honey how did it go at the office?”

Dr. Mallory: “I’ll say how did it go but I don’t go into details.”

Dr. Mallory, who so invisible he’s only been out in an official public event walking with her for the State of the State and when she won the primary election and the general election.

Turns out they’ve known each other going back to childhood.

Dr. Mallory: “Our family kind of grew up together and I had my eye on her and I saw her moving up.”

Gov. Whitmer: “I’ve been a patient of his for twenty years, too.”

Skubick: “That’s how it started? How did you end up going to him?”

Gov. Whitmer: “He was referred by a boy friend that I was dating at the time. (laughter)”

Recall that the governor confessed to being a rebellious teenager and turns out he was too. She nods her head as he fesses up to being disciplined by his parents.

Skubick: “Did they have to discipline you?”

Dr. Mallory: “Yeah, every now and again.”

Skubick: “You were as rebellious as she was?”

Dr. Mallory: “Well, maybe. We’re two peas in a pod.”

The fact that he doesn’t engage in her business is a perfect fit for the governor.

Gov. Whitmer: “We connect in so many levels and work is not one of them. It’s actually kinda nice that way, to be honest. There are political power couples. They do everything on that. We have a little different scenario and I think it’s healthy for us.”

So he does his density gig, plays guitar in his man cave, reads his history books, and has a picture hanging in the cave of Don Corleone and his son Michael from his favorite movie, The Godfather. It works for him.

And it works for her. And about the future?

Skubick: “Are you ready for seven more years?”

Dr. Mallory: “Hopefully.”

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