Skubick: Moves being made to avoid state shutdown as budget deadline nears


In the coming weeks you’re going to hear a lot about a possible state government shutdown as the governor and Republican lawmakers try to beat an October 1st deadline.

But the governor is prepared to take action to avoid that shutdown which the state has had in the past.

Years ago, when Republican leader Mike Bishop, then-Gov. Jennifer Granholm and Democratic Speaker Andy Dillon were in charge they presided over the state’s first shutdown in decades.  

They did not last long, but the memory of them still hangs over the State Capitol like a dark warning cloud.

Now, 161 days since she introduced her budget, the governor not so patiently awaits some word from the Republican leaders with this cautionary note.

“Time is preciously close to the end of the fiscal year,” warns the governor. “This is serious, our safety is at risk.”

Prediction: once the budget talks go into September, you’re going to see plenty of scary headlines about another government shutdown. The governor and republicans may avoid it, however.

“We have to have a back up plan,” insists Whitmer. “The leaders are desperate to avoid a shutdown, too.”

And here is the back-up plan.

(1) Pass Continuation Budget

(2) The Old Budget Continues

(3) More Time to Pass New One

(4) No Shutdown

“Everyone has said they don’t want to get close to a shutdown,” says Whitmer. “And if that’s the case, and we have a good faith negotiation and we’re not able to get things done on time, I’m confident we’ll do that.”

Skubick: “You will ask for a continuation budget?”

Whitmer: “Yeah.”

So there you have it. There will be no government shutdown if they adopt the continuation budget.

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