The latest EPIC-MRA polling data suggests there is an enthusiasm gap between men and women and Republicans and Democrats on who is motivated to vote.  

6 News sifted through the numbers and what it might mean for the fall’s election.

With the election still six months away, suffice it to say, most Michigan residents this holiday weekend are more concerned about having fun than the so-called motivation gap in the electorate.

Pollster Bernie Porn asked a simple question: how likely are you to vote in November?

The findings are quite revealing, if they hold up.

In this post-Donald Trump era, more women than man are eager to vote. 

  • Democratic Women 67 percent  
  • Democratic Men 56 percent

That’s an 11 point gap.

On the Republican side:

  • Republican Women 54 percent 
  • Republican Men 52 percent

Or put another way, 13 percent more Democratic women are eager to vote than their counterparts in the Republican Party.

And the same holds true along party lines as 63 percent of the Democrats are eager to vote while 53 percent of the Republicans say the same thing, a ten-point gap.

Pollster Bernie Porn also finds an enthusiasm gap on other fronts as well.

By a 13 point margin Liberals are more likely to vote than Republicans and 33 percent more likely to vote than moderates. 

  • Liberals 73 percent 
  • Conservatives 60 percent 
  • Moderates 44 percent

The same holds true for union and non union households  69 percent of union members say they will vote while 54 percent  of non-union members say they will vote.

Mr. Porn says, “if the numbers hold up, it could show the potential of a blue wave.”  

Which means Democrats could see some significant gains.