Skubick: New poll shows Biden has lead over Sanders on Primary Eve


6 News Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick is diving into the results of a new Biden vs. Sanders poll and he found Mr. Biden is beating Mr. Sanders in a variety of subgroups of the voting public.

Taking a general look, the poll shows:

White Voters: Biden 24 Point Lead

Black Voters: Biden 22 Point Lead

Moderate Voters:  Biden 46 Point Leader

Very Liberal:  Sanders 15 Point Lead

On the education front:

High School:  Biden 25 Point Lead

Post High School:  Biden 20 Point Leader

College: Biden 23 Point Lead

As you might expect Sen. Sanders does very well with younger voters as he holds a 36 point edge and receives 49% of the young men compared to 34% of the women.

But Mr. Biden wins the senior citizen vote by a 47 point margin. And he carries senior men and women by a hefty margin over Mr. Sanders.

The response to the Sanders pitch for Medicaid For All:  

                              (1) 33% Yes

                              (2) 50% No       

Medicaid For All is the centerpiece of the Sanders campaign and here in Michigan 33% of his supporters back that but 50% do not.

Both candidates have spent about $1.5 million in advertising here to nail Michigan’s 125 delegates.

Despite a strong lead by Mr. Biden, in March 2016 Hillary Clinton had a twenty point lead over Sanders in Michigan but keep this in mind, she lost to Mr. Sanders by less than 2%.

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