Skubick: New poll shows majority of Michigan residents oppose impeaching Pres. Trump


While Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her troops in Washington discuss impeachment with the conversation getting louder, back here in Michigan the Vanguard Public Affairs research survey shows 55 percent of Michigan residents do not favor impeaching the president.

Local Republican Sen. Tom Barrett says he’s not surprised.

“Michigan residents realize that there’s no impeachable offense, the president committed. How do you reconcile that attitude Michigan and the fever down in Washington to impeach this guy? Well, I think in Michigan we’re rational actors. In Washington, they’re not.”

In Michigan, 85 percent of the Republicans are standing by their man but Macomb County Democrat Rep. William Sowerby contends, over time, that 55 percent will erode.

“I think that in time and it’s already eroding away so I think in time that he’ll always have his core base but that they had that struggle for people to use that impeachment word will be less of a problem for them.”

Candidate Donald Trump told the African-American voter he or she had nothing to lose by voting for him, but in this poll, 60 percent of the black voters want to impeach Mr Trump.

“Yeah, I’m surprised about 55 percent. In the black community, 60 percent get rid of them,” says  Rep. Tyrone Carter. “Obviously. Why so you say obviously? Well, I don’t think any of his policies have benefited urban areas.”

Former Democratic vice president Joe Biden gets 37 percent of the Michigan vote.

The man who won the Michigan Democratic primary, Bernie Sanders, is at 16 percent and the survey also suggests Mr. Trump would lose by 10 points to any of the Democrats who might run against him. 

But Republican Sen. Curt Vanderwall of Ludington reports Mr. Trump is stronger in his area than ever before.

“I will tell you what I feel when the districts that I’m in that he’s stronger, now I do know that there are some issues in a few of them, he will be reelected.”

Do you think Mr. Trump should be impeached?

When asked, Governor Gretchen Whitmer laughs and says  Ha, I am not exhausting any of my energy on that subject, I get too much else to do right here in Michigan. In fact that would be a mistake for Democrats wouldn’t that? You are exhausting Tim, I got to conserve my energy for more important thing.
The survey had a margin of error of 4 points.

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