Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has gotten a significant bump in her job approval rating in the middle of this pandemic crisis.

But a local pollster says the boost may be short-lived if she continues to blame the Trump administration for its role in all this.

Last year, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s public persona was pretty much linked to her whopping 45 cent gas tax increase which did not make her very popular.

But now she is front and center on confronting the worse pandemic in state history and her job approval rating is well over 50%.

Governor’s Job Rating

(1) Oct 42% Positive

(2) Oct 34% Negative

(3) Now: 60% Positive

(4) Now: 22% Negative

MRG pollster Tom Shields also reports the governor’s personal favorability numbers have also increased ten points since last fall to 44%.

Men Approve Gov: 51%

Women Approve Gov: 66%

The numbers in Lansing are below the statewide average with 41% giving the governor good job marks, 38% do not and 25% have no opinion.

Lansing Numbers

(1) 41% Positive Job

(2) 38% Not Positive Job

(3) 25% No Opinion

In almost every public appearance the governor has been critical of the Trump administration’s role in all this.

“If the federal government had done some planning on the front end, we would be in a lot better shape,” insisted the governor.

Mr. Shields predicts that kind of comment could drive down her job approval rating if it continues.