New polling data shows the Democrats holding comfortable leads in the race for governor and the U.S. Senate.

In one poll it’s Gretchen Whitmer 49 percent and Bill Schuette 39 percent.

In a second survey she is at 50 percent and he’s at 36 percent.

Over at the U.S. Senate its Debbie Stabenow 53 percent over John James 35 percent and in the other poll it’s a 23 point lead for her.

Remember, surveys are a snapshot in time and there are still 56 days until you vote and who knows what will happen between now and then.

What we do know is that Democrat Ms. Whitmer has a 14 point lead with the all-important Independent voters and, since women are so important this cycle, she has a 21 percent margin over Mr. Schuette.

“The swing voters this cycle are independent women out of Oakland County,” says political consultant John Yob. “During the Bush years we called them soccer moms and they are the ones who could determine the winner..these swing voters.”

40 percent of the voters have an unfavorable opinion of the Republican candidate Schuette while 57 percent like the Democratic candidate Whitmer.

The Schuette campaign fired off this email accusing the “liberal media” of wanting “our grassroots supporters to think this race can’t be won”  adding that Ms. Whitmer’s numbers are “exaggerated and weak.”

Ms. Stabenow thinks some of the women who voted for Donald Trump are now changing their minds.

So far the James campaign has not responded to the new data.