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Skubick: Poll shows confidence climbs in Michigan economy


New  polling data is out regarding the attitude among citizens  regarding the direction of the economy as we head into the busiest shopping season of the year.

Most of us are feeling good about the state’s economy but not so much about the U.S. outlook.

Sorry to do this to you but there are 111 shopping days until Christmas.

So the question is, how are citizens feeling?

Based on the EPIC-MRA data to 6 News, there’s a huge dichotomy between the state and national economy.

The numbers show that 45% are positive about the Michigan economy with 32% are concerned about the future.

In the bigger picture, 39% are positive and 50% are worried about the national economy.

The business community is worried about the uncertainty out there given the president’s trade policies and what lasting impact that will have, if any.

Doug Rothwell, president and CEO of Business Leaders of Michigan explains, “There are a lot of mixed feelings. A lot of people feel the work with China is overdone. There are also concerns about the way it’s being done.”

As for the state’s economy, those who are making more money are more upbeat than those earning $75,000 a year or less.

49% of the women and 41% if the men believe Michigan is on the right track but the gender split is wider on the national economy.

46% of the men believe we are headed in the right direction but 56% of the women disagree.

There’s an age difference in the data.

53% of the younger citizens are optimistic about Michigan but only 35% feel that way about the country.

And 46% of the seniors are upbeat about Michigan while only 37% are positive about the national scene.

The racial divide is pronounced. 54% of African-Americans believes Michigan is on the wrong track and 83% feel the same about the country.

In contrast, 46% of the whites are good with the state’s direction and 42% feel fine about the country. That’s a 41% difference.

Of course, in Michigan, these numbers could change if there is an auto industry strike with the deadline for a new United Auto Workers contract much closer than Christmas. It’s this Sunday night.

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