Even though President Donald Trump has reversed his decision on separating immigrant children from their parents, the issue is still alive in the Republican race for governor.

Bill Schuette and Brian Calley have decidedly different answers on that question.

Just before President Trump changed his policy to allow children to stay with their immigrant parents,  
State Democratic party chair Brandon Dillon was strongly criticizing Republican governor front runner Bill Schuette for being a coward and not taking a stance on the president’s policy.

Recall that the president has endorsed Mr. Schuette.

Mr. Dillon made a prediction that Mr. Schuette would not answer the immigration question.

“I guarantee you he will remain silent because he does not want to piss-off, pardon my language, his benefactor in the White House,” said Mr. Dillon.

Only one way to test the prediction… ask Mr. Schuette.

Reporter: “Did you support the policy of separating the kids from their parents?”

Schuette: “You know I am glad that there’s a decision made by the White House not to separate kids.”

Reporter: “Was it wrong to do that in the first place?”

Schuette: “I’m glad it’s been solved.”

Reporter: “Let me ask once more was the policy wrong in the first place?”

Schuette: “I’m glad it was changed.”

Reporter: “Why don’t you want to take a stance on this?”

Schuette: “I am taking a stance.”

Reporter: “Was it wrong?”

Schuette: “I’m glad it’s changed.”

Running against Mr. Schutte is Brian Calley who was asked the same question about supporting the separation of kids and parents.

“It’s important that we secure the borders but we can do it without separating kids from their parents,” said Mr. Calley.

Reporter: “Was the president’s original policy wrong?”

Calley: “The intention to secure the border is a good intention.”

Reporter: “So was his original policy wrong?”

Calley: “The original policy of separating families at the border I believe was unnecessary and the president came to the same conclusion and I’m thankful that he did.”