Skubick: Republicans go on the attack over First Husband name drop


LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Gov. Gretchen Whitmer had her chance yesterday to explain why her husband used her name to move to the head of the line to have a boat dock installed before Memorial Day.

Today some Republicans are responding to her assertion that it was just a bad joke that failed.

The governor had this to say as an explanation: “My husband made a failed attempt at humor.”

Skubick: “Are you buying that it was a joke?”

Rep. Beau Lafave: “No.”

State Sen. Tom Barrett: “She lied to the public and lied to my staff.”

In case you missed it, the governor’s husband called a boat dock company up north to put in a dock at the first family’s condo.

And at one point, Dr. Marc Malory says he joked about moving to the head of the line because he was married to the governor.

But the failed humor explanation did not play well with the Republicans.

Party chair Laura Cox wondered how many times has the First Husband used the “joke” to get preferential treatment.

“Was it a joke or wasn’t it a joke,” adds Rep. Lafave. “It really doesn’t matter. It has the appearance of impropriety, in my opinion. Doesn’t matter if it was a funny joke or any joke at all. The public is going to be upset and I understand that. The governor has a tendency to stretch the truth.”

VO two shot of skub and barrett

Local Republican Senator Mike Shirkey reports on Friday night, before this story broke, he was told that the governor’s office had called the Senate Republican leaders office to say the story was not true.

Today on the Senate floor, Sen. Mike Shirkey reaffirmed that story.

So Senator Tom Barrett wonders why on Friday did the governor’s office say it wasn’t true and on Monday it confirmed that it was?

“Why did she call me as someone who had lied, only to have it come out on Tuesday with a different story,” asks Sen. Barrett. “This just shows what the governor is willing to do to cover up lies and mistruths.”

The governor was not asked about that during her news conference yesterday and 6 News asked for a comment on the senator’s story.

Governor Whitmer responded and says she is surprised with the senate GOP leaders comments which she describes as “incorrect and unfair” and she thinks Mr. Shirkey owes her an apology.  And her office says she never directed her staff to mislead anyone or contact the senator’s office.

“She owes an apology to the people of the state of Michigan over this,” insists Sen. Barrett.

Looks like this story is not over yet.  

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