Skubick: Republicans in no hurry to visit budget bargaining table


Legislative Republicans appear to be in no hurry to head back to the budget bargaining table with the governor who wants to restore some of the 147 veto budget cuts she made one week ago.  

The Republicans are wondering if the governor made some mistakes with so many vetoes.

“She has not helped the relationship between our chamber and the governor’s office,” said Sen. Mike Shirkey.

“I don’t think there is a lot of trust right now. I think frosty relationship is a pretty good description,” added Republican Rep. Aaron Miller.

The governor was meeting with senior citizens today.

But if she wants to meet with Republican leaders to restore some of her veto cuts through a new back up supplemental budget bill, the Senate Republican leader says she has to do this, “if my governor thinks she made a mistake with the red pen she can let us know which ones she’d like to have back, so we can re-institute them.”

The Republican vice chair of the House Budget Committee is willing to do a supplemental with the governor but only if she promises not to take those dollars and redirect them to programs she wants to save.

Rep. Aaron Miller: “If there are no strings attached, I think I’m all in.”

Skubick: “So she has to come crawling back and admit a mistake?”

Rep. Miller: “She doesn’t have to say she made a mistake.  I think the people are seeing that right now.”

So, Governor Whitmer, are you ready to admit some mistakes in order to get a supplemental budget bill to restore some services?

“You know, I did what I had to do. The legislature send me a budget that was unbalanced,” explained the governor.

Skubick: “So did you make any mistakes?”

Gov. Whitmer: “(laughter) Did everything go perfectly? I think it was an unprecedented time. It’s unfortunate. It’s not good for anyone to be honest. All is not lost. We have an opportunity to get this right.”

The governor says it’s time to stop playing games and get down to business of writing a supplemental budget bill.

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