Skubick: Republicans miss road funding target by a mile


At the beginning of the year some Republicans were talking about finding a billion dollars in waste, fraud and abuse in the State Transportation Department.

But, so far have missed the target by $600 million dollars.

It is one thing to say your hope to find a billion dollars of waste, fraud and abuse in the State Transportation Department but quite another to actually uncover it.

Freshman Republican House member Rep. Matt Maddock offered up the Blue Water Bridge for sale, talks about unloading four state owned airports around the state and proposed other cost cutting measures.

But Meridian Township Democrat Julie Brixie asked the Michigan Department of Transportation to cost out the savings and reports there were none.

The senator says you would expect MDOT to say that and he reports he has four interns working on the abuse issue and could use more help.

So how much as he found?

“No specific dollar amount yet,” says Rep. Maddock.

But a dollar amount of budget cuts did show up in three road fix proposals the two Republican leaders gave to the governor.

It was $400 million but it’s unclear if all of that was waste.

“Right. Well, we’re headed in the right direction,” said Rep. Maddock. 

Skubick: “So when you told me that, you were wrong?”

Rep. Maddock: “I didn’t say we’d get to a billion but I will say there is probably a billion worth of waste in government overall in Michigan.”

Skubick: “If it’s there, show it to me.”

Rep. Maddock: “We’re working on it.”

Local Democrat Senator Curtis Hertel Jr argues the Republicans can work on this all they want and they won’t get to a billion bucks.

“It’s really easy to talk about waste, fraud and abuse that we’ll find to fix everybody’s problems,” said the senator. “I don’t fault them for not getting a billion cause I don’t think it is possible.”

To which Rep. Maddock replies, “that’s a good goal. I don’t know if we’re going to get there right now. It may take me three to four years to get there. It’s not easy.”

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