Skubick: Senator Stabenow believes President Trump is “very unstable”


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – During a zoom interview today Michigan’s Democratic Senior Senator Debbie Stabenow was talking about why you should vote for Joe Biden.

“Cast a vote for sanity and competence and caring and rebuilding our country better which we can do,” said U.S. Senator Stabenow.

“Did you just call the president insane?” asked 6 News Capitol Correspondent Tim Skubick.

“I think we have a very unstable president,” replied Senator Stabenow.

“Meaning what?” Skubick pressed on.

“I will just leave it at that,” she answered.

Stabenow prefers to leave it to those who are trained to judge these matters, but the state’s senior senator does believe that what is happening is not normal.

“No one would look at this and say that this is a stable, stability.  It isn’t and the truth is we can do better,” said Stabenow. “What is happening now is not normal. It’s not American. It’s not the way we should be operating in our country. We’ve got to stop this chaos.”

When Governor Gretchen Whitmer heard the quote for the first time she had this take on it.

“I think we have a very unstable president. Governor do you agree with that?” asked Skubick.

“I am not a certified psychologist or a practicing psychiatrist. I don’t feel it would make sense from to weight in on that. But some of his policies that I’ve seen come out of the White House are very concerning and perhaps you could draw that conclusion about the policies and positions taken and the way people have been treated,” Governor Whitmer replied. “Beyond that I’m not going to weigh in Tim, but nice try.”

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