Skubick: Speaker Chatfield not eyeing governor’s office


Lansing, MI (WLNS) – Republican House Speaker Lee Chatfield is a busy man these days with lawmakers back in town.

While he’s willing to talk about a lot of issues, he is loath to talk about speculation that he is interested in running for governor.

Speaker Lee Chatfield is everywhere.

During one stop he takes a report on how to reform the state’s jail system.

Next stop he tells reporters, if the governor wants to bond for roads, he’s not in yet.

“I think we need to be careful about taking on new debt,” said Speaker Chatfield.

And on the issue of expanding the state’s Civil Rights law to gays, he’s still a “no” vote.

“My position on this hasn’t changed,” he insisted earlier this week.

But the other day in his office, where others have brought up the issue of him running for governor, he was not so forthcoming on that.

Skubick: “How does Gov. Chatfield sound to you?”

Rep. Chatfield: “It’s absolutely nothing I’ve even thought of and therefore I really see no need to talk about it.”

But others in town, especially in the lobby corps, are talking about it and some have urged him to run for governor..

He won’t even acknowledge that, as he steadfastly declines to speculate.

Skubick: “So say to me, I do not want to run for governor.”

Rep. Chatfield: “I can tell you I never once thought about it and I see no need to talk about it.”

He was asked again and again to say he would not run.

And again and again he replied, “I will tell you this, I never once thought about it.”

Gov. Whitmer would certainly be concerned if the Speaker was interested in running because that could impact what trust they have together.

So it’s obvious he doesn’t want to talk about it but will he make this promise:

Skubick: “Will you call me if you decide?”

Rep. Chatfield: “I’ll tell ya what, if I even think about it, at that point I’ll feel the need to talk about it.”


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