Skubick: State Legislature passes new budget deal


“Do we have a deal?”

We do. We have a supplemental we are really you know happy to see more movement on these bills to make sure we’re bringing back some critical services. You know we’re looking at the School Aid Fund and the general fund as well too. So a good positive day.

State Rep. Christine Greig (D) House Minority Leader

This has been quite a day given the rancor over this budget issue for the last couple of months this was the first day in a long time that positive news have come out of the Michigan Senate the Michigan House and the governor’s office.

Lee Chatfield the House Republican Speaker did some shuttle diplomacy between the governor’s office and Mike Shirkey The Senate Republican leader and tonight the Michigan Senate has passed legislation to restore some budget cuts in the Michigan House has done the same thing. Here’s the House Democratic leader on the groups that were in line for some money if this final deal comes to pass.

State Rep. Christine Greig (D) House Minority Leader : “We have critical care hospitals on school aid we have isolated school districts that funding is back in the navigator program for autism services is back in. So a lot of good things there’s actually a very long laundry list of services that are back in.”

Skubick: “including secondary road patrols?”

State Rep. Christine Greig (D) House Minority Leader : “secondary road patrol, county jail program. there’s quite a few”

Skubick: “So everybody that was panicking out there they can lower their temperature tonight?”

State Rep. Christine Greig (D) House Minority Leader: “I think there’s a lot of groups out there that can just breathe a big sigh of relief.”

Keep in mind that this is not over until it’s over as other loose ends have to be tied up and that will be done next week. in the meantime the House speaker was upbeat. He put in a long day, But at the end of it he had something to glow about.

State Rep. Lee Chatfield (R) House Speaker: “So we had a more productive day today than we have had in months. And I think that’s what happens when all leaders come together and realize the need to meet in the middle and reach a consensus. There was a lot of progress today, Tim, and I look forward to hopefully wrapping this up next week.”

Next week another issue of dispute the governor’s use of the Administrative Board to rearrange the state budget some new language has been adopted on that and ratification of that between the governor and the two Republican leaders is expected soon.

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