Skubick: State worker job layoffs are small savings in budget bucket


Lansing, MI (WLNS) – 31,000 state government employees are being ordered to take time off in order to help the state reduce a $3 billion deficit.  

So what does the governor’s order mean to you?

The COVID-19 virus is not only taking lives, now it is taking jobs.

The governor has ordered temporary layoffs for 31,000 state civil servants.

The layoffs do not affect front line jobs such as the State Police, state prison correction officers, state homes for veterans and National Guard members deployed to deal with the virus.

These are not permanent layoffs but reduced time at work each week.

“As part of this program workers will take two days off every pay period,” explained Gov. Whitmer. “Which will help us to reduce employee costs by $80 million. Thank you to state workers for doing your part.”

Lawmakers and the governor are facing a $3 billion state budget deficit so the $80 million in savings is the proverbial drop in the budget bucket.

The 31,000 state employees will get some jobless benefits under this federal program.

“Utilizing this federal program will allow these workers to protect their paychecks and help to maintain essential services to continue without interruption.”

64% of the state government work force will be touched by the governor’s order.

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