Skubick: State’s top educator says feds need to send money to schools


LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – The state’s top educator is warning that some disadvantaged schools in our state could go under unless Congress sends in some emergency aid to keep them afloat.  

The coronavirus is not only reeking havoc on the health of Michigan residents.

The state’s top educator is warning that without an infusion of more federal aid the financial health of some Michigan schools is on the line as they face budget cuts.

“There are districts that are barely hanging on that are preparing to be underfunded. And these cuts could be a death knell blow to those districts,” explained Michael Rice.

Unless the legislature or Congress finds a way to avoid it, every one of the 1.5 million students would take a $685 cut.

“It is absolutely incumbent upon Congress to make sure that all students are protected and not forgotten at this moment. we need to preserve education needs for children,” added Rice.

The governor continues to hold off on ordering these cuts with fingers crossed that the president and Congress send in a financial life line.

Meanwhile, as local schools plan to re-open this fall, some have said money could be saved if half the students show up one day and the other half the next.

Dr. Rice says that won’t work given the added cost of providing PPE and cleaning the schools.

“If that were to take place, I don’t know if that cuts expenses because you are still responsible for the same number of students and the same number of educators and the amount of cleaning is going to be more in the pandemic.”

And while more kids may be learning via the Internet, a report shows 72% of the suburban children have access to that while only about 40% of rural students can get online.

Dr. Rice says if ever there was a time for the education community to come together to pressure Congress for help, this is that moment.  

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