If the election for president was held now in Michigan, President Donald Trump is looking at some serious erosion in the coalition that elected him here in 2016.  

That is one of the findings of an exclusive 6 News EPIC-MRA poll.

The president is still turning them out at his campaign rallies now just as he did when he swiped the state from the Democrats in 2016.

But based on the Bernie Porn polling data, it looks like some of the elements of the team Trump’s win here has eroded.

Candidate Trump did quite well with female voters but now as president:

  • 59% Women Unfavorable
  • 67% Independent Women Unfavorable
  • 63% Women Age 18-49 Unfavorable
  • 50% Senior Women Unfavorable

Among male voters:

  • 46%-46% Men
  • 43% Independent Men Unfavorable
  • 50% Men 18-49 Age Unfavorable
  • 51% Senior Men Favorable

Candidate Trump made in roads into the union vote in 2016 but currently 60% of the union homes are not pleased with the president.

Candidate Trump did well with those with a high school or less education but now 51% are not pleased and 57% of college grads agree.

Virtually every income level from rich to poor have a negative view of the president and of all the regions of the state doing poorly, mid-Michigan is the only area where he breaks even with voters, 48%-48%.

Remember, a poll is a snapshot in time and not necessarily a predictor of who will win.