Skubick: Talks continue to reform no-fault insurance plan


The main negotiators have imposed a news blackout on their talks over no-fault car insurance but the governor is telling 6 News that she and the two Republican legislative leaders are making progress. 

“We’re talking and that’s progress. We’ve had more conversations in the last four days which is more than in the last four years so I think that’s positive,” explained Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

The governor and Republican leaders Senator Mike Shirkey and House Speaker Lee Chatfield have imposed a cone of silence over their delicate talks.

One sticky point is giving drivers a choice on the amount of coverage they want should they be in a catastrophic accident.

Detroit Democratic Mayor Mike Duggan sides with the Republicans on this one but Democrats are divided on the issue.

“Choice needs to be part of the conversation but not at the expense of later on if you are injured
severely,” insists State Sen. Erika Geiss.

The trial lawyerss are urging the governor not to offer choice.

But state Sen. Peter Lucido, who is a  trial lawyer,  breaks with his colleagues on that.

“We do it with everything else in society,” claims the senator. “What kind of paint we put on our walls, the color of the car we drive and the options on that vehicle. You should have the right to pick your options.”

The governor last week, for the first time, opened the door to driver choice.

But has she decided to walk through the door?

Skubick: “Are you on board with choice or still thinking about it?”

Gov. Whitmer: “We’re still talking.”

Skubick: “I know you are not going to negoiate here but give me a you support it?

Gov. Whitmer: “Go out and get some votes, get elected and then you and I can negotiate until then I’m not negotiating with you.”

Something could pop on this within the next few days, aimed at reducing your auto insurance rates.

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