The Michigan trial lawyers are raising serious concerns that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer may negoiate away a key element in the state’s no fault car insurance system. 

Standing with the governor as she savored her win on election night were Michigan trial lawyers.

Their association pumped almost $80,000 into her campaign.

But now those trial lawyers are concerned with what the governor may negoiate away in the revitalized talks between the governor and two Republican leaders.

The governor has not agreed with giving drivers a choice on the level of personal injury protection they want but what concerns trial lawyer Steve Sinas is the fact that she has opened that door to that.

Sinas said, “We certainly hope that gov. whitmer will not negoiate around those grounds because that effectively would break much of the no-fault system and what it does to those who are seriously injured.”

Mr. Sinas contends if you buy $250,000 of injury insurance and your hospital costs go beyond that “you are on your own” to cover those costs.

He argues the governor and Republican leaders should look at other saving options rather than focusing mainly on cutting benefits for motorists.

“It’s a false narrative to say that the only way to save is to cut benefits,” insists Sinas. “They have moved the goal posts to that cutting costs is the only option. There are many other ways to make a difference.”

The two Republican leaders are thrilled that the governor is willing to talk about choice even though she’ll be under pressure from the trial lawyers and others not to make that deal.

State Sen. Mike Shirkey says, “I think she is struggling to find a way to lead on this. I’m not happy with some of her strategies, but we will continue to be positive.”

The serious negoiations continue., Outcome?  No deal yet.