Skubick: Two major party Secretary of State candidates face off


Story has been corrected to reflect Gretchen Whitmer wanting to raise fees, not Lang.

The two majority party candidates running for Michigan Secretary of State say they want to rollback the recent 20 percent increase in car registration fees to fix the roads.

And, if elected, they would oppose any future fee increases.

The legislature voted to hike car registration fees by 20 percent with all of the new money going to fix the roads.

But Republican Mary Treeder Lang and Democrat Jocelyn Benson, who want to be the next Secretary of State, oppose any future fee increases and want to rollback the one just adopted.

Lang says she’s ready to move on her plan.

Reporter: “Are you going to go to the legislature and ask them to roll back the fee hike?”

Lang: “Yes, I will.”

Reporter: “And they will tell you forget it?”

Lang: “I will tell them I can save money in my budget to pay for the rollback back here in the state.”

Ms. Benson says she would cut her budget and ask lawmakers to repeal the rollback but if Gretchen Whitmer is elected governor she wants to hike fees for the roads.

So what will Ms. Benson do?

Benson: “We’re going to talk about it.”

Reporter: “But she (Whitmer) wants to raise the fees.”

Benson: “Yes, but I will be an advocate for drivers in this state.”

Reporter: “So you will tell her no.”

Benson: “I will be there on behalf of the drivers and be there for our people.”

On the key issues facing the next Secretary of State: 

(1) Redistricting: Lang No. Benson Yes.
(2) Voting Reforms: Lang No. Benson Yes.
(3) Term Limits: Lang-More Time. Benson Repeal

Both candidates want to reduce the time you spend in line at the branch offices with Benson proposing a 30-minute in-and-out policy.

“Yes, this is a gimmick,” says Lang. “This is not a pizza delivery place. I don’t want citizens to spend so much time in branch offices and my goal is to have them come in only one every eight years.”

Ms. Benson was asked what happens if somebody stays in line longer than 30 minutes?
Benson: “My entire career I have been setting goals and meeting them “

Reporter: “But what if I’m in line for longer than 30 minutes? What happens?”

Benson: “We’ll do a time study to find out what went wrong, which we are not even doing.”

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