Skubick: “Uncommitteds” could swing legal pot question


New polling shows 57 percent of the voters favor legalization of pot but there are indications a large chunk of those voters are not fully committed to a “yes” vote next Tuesday.

The Detroit News statewide survey has 57 percent support for legalized pot and 40 percent opposed but when you dive into the numbers, there is a weak link in that support.

Turns out only 43 percent strongly support legalization which means 14 percent are not so sure and a last minute anti-pot ad campaign hopes to flip those folks.

The opponents include prosecutors and law enforcement, segments of the medical community and some religous groups and if they can flip that 14 percent this ballot issue could be defeated.

Elements of the business community are also opposed, fearing workers smoking pot could be a liability and hurt productivity.

The backers of Proposal One accuse the other side of using scare tactics to drive down the support.

The pollsters tell 6 News this a generational vote, pitting those between 18-29 who favor pot against those over 65 who do not.

86 percent of the younger voters are voting yes while only 39 percent of the seniors are voting yes.

Pollster Richard Czuba says the key demographic that will decide the outcome are those who did not smoke and not the 50 percent in Michigan who did.

“If you do than you are far more predisposed to support it,  if you do not you are more likely to vote no,” says Czuba. “So it gets decided more by the ones who did not smoke pot but are predisposed to support legalization.”

One thing for sure,  97 percent of the voters have already decided how they will vote.

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