LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – Instead of using MSU basketball coach Tom Izzo to sell the idea of wearing a mask, the former director of the state welfare department is advising Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to use somebody else.  

It was quite a coup for the governor to sign up well-known sports personalities like Michigan State University basketball coaches Tom Izzo and Suzy Merchant to encourage the usage of the mask.

If it was up to Dr. Marianne Udow-Phillips, the former state welfare director during the Granholm administration, she would advise the governor to use local doctors.

A study done by the University of Michigan discovered that the persons the public trusts the most are their local doctors. 

Yet those doctors are not reaching out to their patients and the research says they should via email.

“I think that would be a great idea,” says Dr. Marianne Udow-Phillips. “I think if people heard from their own personal physicians, people know and trust, that they have confidence in, that these health care persons wold save lives and it would have a huge impact.”

While local doctors have a ton of credibility with citizens, the news media, which is engaged in wall to wall coverage of the virus, not so much.

The doctor explains “we see in the low trust of the news media is the attacks on the media, calling out fake news. And the politicization of our news cycle is really reflected in these numbers.”

While many citizens rely on social media for their so-called news, the U of M survey found many citizens are suspicious.

“People are getting a lot of information from social media, but they really don’t trust it,” said the doctor.

So with all due respects to Coach Izzo…

Skubick: “So you think the doctors trump Tom Izzo?”

Dr. Udow-Phillips: “So to speak. (laughter) I do think so. (laughter)”