Skubick: Whitmer to propose 45 cent per gallon gas tax hike to fix roads


When Gretchen Whitmer was a candidate for governor she made fixing the state’s crumbling roads a major issue.

Now Gretchen Whitmer is governor and she’s unveiling a plan to pay for those fixes.

According to 6 News Capitol correspondent Tim Skubick, Whitmer will introduce a .45 per gallon gas tax hike that she would phase in over three steps.

This is one of those stories that could be widely misinterpreted.

Which is why we want to be very clear and deliberate here to point out that the number you’re about to hear, if adopted by the legislature, would not hit the pumps immediately.

The administration is very concerned that there would be panic if you thought it was an immediate effect.

The proposal, which the governor will introduce tomorrow in her budget briefing, will propose a 45 cent a gallon gas tax increase to be phased in “over three increments”.

In other words, that would not take immediate effect and she does need, obviously, Republican and Democratic support to do this and that’s a huge question mark.

At this read that $0.45 a gallon increase, if approved, would set off the signal in this town that this governor is serious about really fixing the roads.

Recall that candidate Whitmer complained about previous governors and previous legislators, both Republicans and Democrats, who picked away at this problem but never really fixed it.

Her goal is to do it with this dollar amount.

She needs support from the legislature to do it and she’s also decided that she will not be coming to you, the voters, to sell bonds to fix the roads, instead putting all of her road fix eggs in one basket, the legislature.

Now the sell job begins.  

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