LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Free weed for a year?

That’s just one of the prizes that cannabis dispensary chain Skymint is giving out with its Countdown to 4/20 sweepstakes that kicked off Monday.

Every day leading up to April 20, the dispensary will select one random winner to receive a Party Pack that could be a variety of things, including:

  • Free Weed for One Year, provided as a $500 monthly coupon allowance through SKYMINT’s loyalty program
  • A Weekend Trip awarded in the form of an Airbnb Gift Card + SKYMINT Exclusive Brands Party Pack
  • SKYMINT Exclusive Brands Party Pack
  • 420 Party Pack including the Big A$$ Joint and Cultivator’s Choice 11-14g Colas
  • SKYMINT Reserve Party Pack
  • SKYMINT Party Pack
  • Jolly Party Pack
  • North Party Pack
  • PotCo Party Pack
  • Two Joints Party Pack

Interested in entering the sweepstakes? To enter, participants should visit a Skymint location and sign up for the sweepstakes at an in-store kiosk.

Additionally, those entering must follow Skymint on Instagram to be considered eligible for a prize.

This is not the first time Skymint has given away weed for a year, as the company just gave away a year’s worth of weed in January.

Skymint’s Chief Retail Officer, Summer Ransom-Cleveland, said the dispensary chain wants to continue showing love for “Michigan-grown cannabis.”

“We want our communities to thrive,” Ransom-Cleveland said. “Happy people growing happy plants furthers this mission, and we are proud to lead the Michigan cannabis industry in this way.”

A statement from the chain said that winners will be notified April 11-20.

To learn more about the sweepstake’s rules, click here.