Small business owners continue adapting to new COVID-19 guidelines


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS)– Health and safety guidelines are constantly changing during the COVID-19 pandemic, and many small business owners are having to adapt.

“It’s been exhausting,” says Kirbay Preuss. “Everything’s changing every day.”

Preuss says it’s a new challenge for her family’s pet store, which already has a lot of moving parts.

“This has been a really challenging business to kind of run during COVID,” she says, “because we are part museum, kind of a zoo, a tourist attraction and we’re an essential stop for food and basically pet groceries, if you will.”

Preuss says they required masks since the first executive order and added curbside and virtual shopping experiences for people who need them. Most of their customers are rolling with the new changes. But over time, Preuss says she and her staff have gotten frustrated with those who won’t comply. She posted a Facebook Live video last week to say she’s not afraid to stand up for her workers.

“The screaming, the yelling, the getting irate with my staff will not be tolerated,” Preuss said during the video. “They need and deserve respect.”

Preuss says they’re prepared for health and safety guidelines to keep shifting and they’re ready to adapt. She hopes customers everywhere will work with their local small businesses during this challenging time.

“Whether it’s us or it’s Burger King or McDonald’s, respect those people that are out there that are kind of on the front lines so to speak, working to make this work.”

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