LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Sparrow Hospital is holding a discussion Monday to discuss its brand new in-house monkeypox test.

Sparrow Health System is stepping up testing as the White House has declared monkeypox a public health emergency.

Sparrow’s in-house tests are the first in Mid-Michigan to give results within 24 hours.

Sparrow is ramping up its testing as monkeypox numbers are continuing to go up, with 71 cases currently in the state, and 7,500 nationwide.

Health experts say having quicker results will help them better analyze numbers and help to slow the spread.

The test is done by swabbing the rash or the vesicles. Two to three samples are then sent to the lab for more testing.

“It goes through a series of testing, we do a general test first of the orthopox family, which has small pox cow pox and of course monkey pox. If that’s positive then we will do a specific test for monkeypox. Then we actually do a typing to identify if it’s a West African strain or a Congo strain.”

Dr. Paul Entler- Chief Clinical Officer for Sparrow Health System

Symptoms of the virus include: swollen lymph nodes, fever, headaches, muscle aches, exhaustion, and chills.

Sparrow says they’re able to do 100 to 200 tests a day. Health experts say in the meantime to quarantine until results come back.

“Why the testing and the turn around is so important is, we want to get within that window of zero to four days of those who have had high risk exposure to vaccinate. Typically there is an incubation time and symptoms start at typically day five to 21, so the ability to turn around the test and the ability to source control is going to be critical to help control Monkeypox.”

Dr. Paul Entler- Chief Clinical Officer for Sparrow Health System

Health experts say ways to help slow the spread of monkeypox include getting tested, getting vaccines, using protection, and hand washing.