State Capitol needs more than $60 million in repairs


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Corroded sewer pipes, high voltage electrical lines and a cockroach infestation inside one of the rusty water lines underneath the main floor of the state Capitol building…

“It wasn’t until about a year ago that we really started to look at the infrastructure and what we found was alarming,” said Chairman Gary Randall.

Randall is head of the State Capitol Commission and he says the amount of damage found is “mind-boggling.”

“The old sewer lines have been there for years and years are nearly clogged and some of the old cast iron sewer lines have breaks in them, have holes,” Randall stated.

Recent work renovated the exterior of the building including the front steps, carpeting indoors but, when it came to the capitol’s infrastructure…well…

“Out of sight, out of mind…it wasn’t until we took a comprehensive look that we found we had serious problems,” said Randall.

John Truscott, Vice-Chair of the Capitol Commission says if this problem isn’t fixed soon…

“Either a pipe will break or one of the sprinkler heads of the fire suppression systems will break and it will cause some damage that we really don’t want to see done to the Capitol,” Truscott stated.

The project will cost nearly $62-million and Randall says funding is up to the legislature.

“It really is something that’s in need of immediate attention and we are absolutely confident that this is something that if we don’t deal with, we’ll have failures,” Randall added.

Randall says the Capitol Commission hopes to hear if the funding is approved by the middle of this year so they can start work on the project by the end of summer.

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