LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The Lansing School District community is coming together to Wednesday to mourn the loss of a former English teacher who was killed on Saturday in Grand Rapids.

Right before his 45 birthday, officials said they found Tyler Blakslee unconscious after being hit by a shipping container door from a restaurant’s exterior.

The tragic event has touched many people, even some that Blakslee’s parents didn’t know until now.

“I just never really understood how big Tyler’s web was of friendships and what different levels of all different layers of friends that he had and all the things he was involved with,” said Jerry Blakslee, Tyler’s father.

Jerry and Karan Blakslee have been getting condolences from students, friends and even strangers who knew their son, Tyler Blakslee.

Lansing School District administrators said Tyler taught English at Eastern High School from 2005 to 2020.

His dedication and humor is still remembered by former students like, Taylor Lumley. Lumley recalls the classroom being covered in classic movie and horror movie posters.

“You can tell he put all of his personality into his classroom,” said Lumley.

Students and administrators said Blaksee was involved with advising multiple student clubs. Outside of the classroom, his parents remember his love of music that he took to the stage where he performed with friends. His mother remembers his passion of singing and theater starting at a young age.

For his students, Blakslee’s memory has lead to a path to pursue teaching.

Malori Barnhart said his passion for education and others is an inspiration, as she begins her senior year studying music education.

“He would put so much time in to the connections that he was making and it’s really inspiring as a future educator,” said Barnhart. “I really hope I can be like that for my students “

Blaksee’s parents said the many lives Tyler has touched has been a comfort during their grief. His family says that his students were so impacted by their son’s work that some have even planned their own memorial this weekend.