Okemos, Mich. (WLNS) — Around 9:00 a.m. today, dozens of Okemos High School students walked out of their classrooms, over rising concerns over the school’s COVID-19 guidelines and its backpack policy.

Social media posts from uneasy students have been circulating for the last month.

Currently, none of the students that walked out have left the school premises.

Before the school’s winter break, the administration banned backpacks due to safety concerns in the wake of the Oxford school shooting.

Around this same time, an online petition was created by students.

“They are punishing the whole school because of a couple of kids carrying drugs and what occurred at Oxford High School. If they are worried about some kids taking drugs to school they can take those privileges away from them.”

Petition by students

The petition currently has almost 800 signatures.

Social media posts say students are frustrated that individuals are getting sick frequently and the school isn’t responding.

Andrea Hallead, Okemos High School’s Interim Principal, did respond to these concerns last week saying, they would meet with students soon to find a resolution.

No new comment has been made by the district or school officials about today’s walkout.

Correction: This story initially estimated the amount of students who walked out to be in the hundreds instead of dozens.