Study finds bees can improve their math skills


A new study is generating a lot of “buzz”.

Honeybees can count — and apparently higher than originally thought.

Yes, there has been more than one study on this subject.

Building on research that determined bees can count up to four and compute basic arithmetic — the new findings reveal they can learn numbers even higher.

22 honeybees were trained to choose between two options in a maze — with different numbers of shapes.

When the bees picked the correct path — they were rewarded and some were punished for heading down the wrong path.

Those bees then learned to count the number of shapes and pick the correct path to avoid the punishment.

The lead scientist observed bees are a lot like humans — and more likely to make the right choice to avoid a negative consequence.

The promise of a reward was not as high as avoiding penalty.

The study was published in the journal of experimental biology.

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