“We hope to see that recovery rate just skyrocket,” said Founder of Andy’s Angels Mike Hirst.

Mike Hirst was born, and raised in Jackson, it’s where he went to school, and started his own family business. But it’s his latest project to bring safe, and affordable housing to people recovering from drug addiction that’s ready to leave a lasting legacy.

“All the support is going to be right here that they need to find a job. To develop their skills. To see what’s important to them, and what they like to do in life ,and want to get that out of them,” said Hirst.

For Hirst, this project is personal. He lost his son to an overdose in 2010. Now, the building will take on his name, Andy’s Place.

“We don’t just want to see somebody get better. We want to see them move up in life. We want to see them move up the ladder, and become the people that they always wanted to become,” said Hirst.

There will be 39 single bedroom units, and 11 family units. Something Hirst says, is key in recovery.

“There will be playground equipment out here. They will be able to have their kids back while they finish their recovery, and that’s so important for somebody that’s trying to climb the biggest mountain they have ever climbed in their entire life.”

When Hirst looks at this place, he’s proud of the people who helped make it all happen.

“I have people on this job site right now that work for me, former opioid dependent people. As a matter of fact one of my lead guys running this project two years ago he had lost everything.”

If Andy was here today, Mike knows his son would be smiling.

“I’m sure he would have a pretty big smile on his face right now. He’d be pretty proud. He’d be proud that he had something to do with it.”

The building is set to open in January. All living arrangements will go through the States Drug Court.