Teacher responds to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s education proposal


How do educators feel about the proposed increase in funding headed their way?

The possibility that they could get help buying supplies instead of using their own pockets.

“As a teacher we do spend a lot of our own money to buy extra things, for our students.” Said Jamie Fulk.

Jamie Fulk has been a 4th grade teacher at Wilcox Elementary school for more than 10 years.

“I have always had to pay extra for the extra things I want to do in my classroom. I guess it’s just part of how it’s always been.” Fulk added.

School Districts do provide teachers with some necessities.

“It’s never enough. You know we would do more if we had more.” Fulk added.

Now, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s new budget would provide some relief.

If approved, the 2021 budget would increase state funding by a $150 – $225 per student.

“I would be able to buy everybody what they need. I can use that money so everybody has headphones, so everyone has the same materials. I would love to have that extra money to buy extra chrome books in our classroom. We have some but a lot of them are broken.” Said Fulk.

They increase in per pupil funding would be the largest increase in 20 years.

Fulk says, it’s much needed.

“They are my kids, I want them to grow as a learner. In order for all of them to have access to the same things, I’m going to help provide that, whether their family can or cant.” said Fulk.

She says, it is more than just the money.

“I think a lot of teachers will feel great to know that they are being supported and they are thinking how to help us, with the amount of money we do spend in the classroom. To make the education more meaningful for kids.” Fulk added.

The budget also allows $25M to go to teachers to help cover out of pocket costs.

That works out to about $250 a teacher for the year

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